Cairngorm hut IMG_4053 IMG_4048
The club owes a huge debt of gratitude to our volunteers who   have been up the hill both in Glencoe and on Cairngorm fixing up the huts to be ready for the coming season. Mags Duncan, Mark Blyth and Kerr Blyth have run 2 amazingly successful weekends on Cairngorm in the most appalling weather, scrubbing, cleaning, painting, fixing and rendering it a wee bit more health and safety compliant! Here is what Mags had to say:
Firstly we have had an awesome weekend despite the weather. The big thanks go to Mark and Kerr Blyth who are absolute powerhouses of both work and ideas. Without them none of this would have happened as I am generally handless and not known for my DIY skills.
Also should be mentioned in despatches should be Martin Genini, our electrician, who is an ex trainee! I didn’t know that!
Chris Kelly who braved the weather on the ladder today with Mark to paint the North Gable, Sally Fleming on paintbrush and new displays and Douglas Low on the new TV.  Steve Mac on door painting and silicone filling.
So far …
  • Water supply restored and home made filters fitted.
  • Mens and Ladies toilets painted, walls, roof and floor.
  • Toilet lights that work.
  • Extractor fan above the cooker swapped and now working … yippee!
  • The Scottish Ski Club lettering on the balcony. Branding to let the area know who we are.
  • Lots of gaps where snow and cold comes in filled.
  • Entrance doors painted.
  • New flat screen TV fitted for coach analysis.
  • New visuals of the history of the club displayed.
  • Hut stocked with UHT milk, loo rolls etc for the season but stored in mice proof plastic boxes.
  • Wall mounted heaters moved to create new drying area
  • New infra red heaters ordered.
Hope I have captured it all, apologies if I have missed anything.
It looks just great!
Well done Mags and team , a new telly and mice proof loo paper???  Sounds like Gleneagles.
I can’t wait to visit when the snow comes!
Many many thanks to Mags, Steve, Mark, Kerr, Martin, Moira , Sean and Lara, Sally, Dougie, Chris and co for a fantastic effort .
Rona Hulbert
SSC President