Upon the new Committee being convened it was agreed that a review of the constitution should be undertaken to ensure that it remained “fit for purpose” and properly reflected the way the new Officers believed the Club should be run. The opportunity was taken also to update the constitution to reflect those provisions of the model Scottish Sports Council constitution thought to be relevant.

The attached Constitution is the outcome of various meetings amongst the committee, feedback from Committee members and redrafts. The new constitution reflects the consensus of the Committee.

The main provisions in the new constitution are as follows:-

  1. Classes of membership, identified in paragraph 3, are largely unchanged. Further description of the classes is given in paragraph 4. Joining involves new members accepting the terms of the constitution. Non-discrimination and the encouragement of the highest ethical standards are now integral to membership.
  1. Management of the affairs of the club is covered in paragraph 5 which basically sets out the powers and responsibilities of the Officers of the Club, how they are elected, and how officers are to communicate with members. Electronic communication is now possible. The decision was taken to rename the Council the Committee. The conduct of meetings is considered in paragraph 7.1.
  1. Specific provision for the conduct of Annual General Meetings, and the business to be addressed, is given in paragraph 6. Special General Meetings may be called following the provisions of paragraph 6.2. Voting arrangements are covered in para 6.4.
  1. Paragraph 8 retains the requirement to have subscription levels for the various classes of membership ratified at general meeting. Payment is now expected to be made by 31 December. The Club Year runs from 1 September until 31 August.
  1. Financial and accounting matters are covered in paragraph 9. For the first time, the constitution requires all cheques over £2000 to be authorised in writing by another office bearer.
  1. In keeping with all Scottish clubs, property is held by officer bearers as trustees of the club, and officers may be indemnified out of club funds or from the general membership where funds are insufficient (paras 5.6 and 9.5) provided that officers act at all time in good faith and in accordance with the constitution.
  1. Should the Club ever be wound up or dissolved, property or remaining assets are to be distributed as provided for in paras 11.1 and 11.2

The Committee commends the new constitution to you.

14 Oct 2015


For copy of the draft constitution, click here

It would be appreciated if any comments could be directed to the Secretary prior to the AGM, thank you.