Cairngorm Winter Coaching Programme 2020


This year’s programme will again be run in conjunction Alpine Training Centre to provide high quality domestic and alpine coaching for our young aspiring ski racers.

The Cairngorm weekend domestic programme is centred around the 13 weekends over the winter period from the beginning of January (4-5th) to the end of March (28-29th).

Included in the programme is race cover for the Lecht, Glenshee, Cairngorm and Nevis Range races, although coaching will be available back at Cairngorm on those race weekends for those athletes not involved in racing elsewhere.

Training is based on 10 or 20 day blocks. Training days can be taken on one or both days per weekend. Training will occur whatever the weather – wherever possible on snow at Cairngorm or elsewhere (eg The Lecht), but on dryland if all the ski areas are stormbound. Ski or dryland options will also be offered on race days.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer the 10 or 20 day packages to be shared between family members. SSC Racing Trespass DLX Jackets are required for all on snow training sessions. Existing and new trainees can recycle jackets if they no longer fit through the Booking Sheets, with new jackets for those who are unable to find swaps.


  • Existing members paying SSC membership by direct debit or other means: Please fill out the online forms (contact details, medical information and photography consent) in the Race training section only. Tick boxes for the type of training package, and size of jacket (using link to sizing charts) only if these are required and proceed to payment. Jackets can be ordered after registering for training if none available through the booking sheets, but orders should be completed by end November 2020.
  • New or existing members requiring membership renewal: Please fill out the online forms in the Membership section (including family members) and also the Race training section (contact details, medical information and photography consent). Tick boxes for the type of training package, size of jacket (using link to sizing charts) only if these are required and proceed to payment. Jackets can be ordered after registering for training if none available through the booking sheets, but orders should be completed by end November 2020.

Cost of training (and race cover) for 2020

An up front payment is required to secure your place. Club membership is required to get on the programme. There are 3 packages available:

  • 20 day package: £350 (plus £15 per day for additional days).
  • 10 day package: £250 (plus £20 per day for additional days).
  • Single day: £30.

You can pick any 10 or 20 days that you want of the 26 available over the winter – single or both days over a weekend.

Additional days over and above the minimum 10 or 20 day commitment can be booked (costs above) on the online spreadsheet (see below). These will be billed for at the end of the season.

10 and 20 day packages should be secured and paid for by November 29th 2020 including sizes for jackets. Bookings after this date will not be able to take advantage of the 10 and 20 day packages. Single and additional training days must be booked TWO WEEKS prior to the desired training day.

This will allow us to plan ahead and improve coaching consistency. If for any reason you cannot meet the above deadlines then please get in touch with the coaching team at to explain the circumstances and we will endeavour to accommodate but cannot guarantee places without advance notice as indicated above.

Race support is offered on race days (both Cairngorm and the other resorts) although training will be made available at Cairngorm (particularly for younger members) for those choosing not to race on race days.


Once forms and payments have been completed your child will be registered on the programme.

Bookings of individual days and amendments are made by parents using the online SSC Bookings Spreadsheet which is stored on Google Drives.

On confirmation of payment you will be sent an email from Google inviting you to Link to our Google Spreadsheet. If you have a Gmail email account then you already have access to Google Drives. If you do not have a Gmail  account you must sign up to Google. Go to Google and at the top right of page and click SIGN IN to register. This can be done using your own email address and creating a password. In theory you don’t have to create or use a Gmail email address, however we did experience some incompatibility issues with some email addresses in 2014 so creating a Gmail email address and using Google Chrome as your Web Browser is best for quick and easy use of the spreadsheet.

You must sign up to Google before trying to activate the link that we send you. This link will arrive in your email inbox as coming from xxxxxx(GOOGLE DRIVES) (name to be confirmed)

You can access the spreadsheet at any time by signing in to Google and at the header of the homepage click MORE then EVEN MORE and click DRIVE and “Shared with me” and you’ll see the spreadsheet. You have the option of creating an icon on your desktop or portable device to link directly to the spreadsheet.

You will then have access to the bookings spreadsheet (it looks similar to an Excel Spreadsheet) where you will see your child’s names already entered. You can then choose whichever days you want to train by entering a “1” in the date column. Amendments and additional bookings will be accepted so long as we have TWO WEEKS notice prior to a training day. The spreadsheet will be frozen for alterations two weeks prior to a training day so last minute changes will not be able to be made. To cancel a booked training day simply delete the “1” and enter “0” in its place so that we know you have cancelled. If you want to add more days or book another day, then just add a “1” in the date column required.

If you book, don’t cancel on time or fail to turn up then you will still incur the training fee for that day. If you can’t remember which days you initially booked up, simply refer to the spreadsheet and it will remind you of your bookings.

Only those signed up to training will be able to see and amend the bookings spreadsheet.
Please be careful not to amend other people’s bookings in error though!

Season 2020
1. If you fail to turn up for training on any booked days, or cancel at less than two weeks’ notice then you will have to meet the cost of that day’s training. If you are not able to make it at very short notice we’d be grateful if you would send the Head Coach a text so that we will know not to expect you on that day and will not have to wait for you.
2. Cancellations or alterations of booked days can be made using the Bookings Spreadsheet so long as this is done more than TWO WEEKS in advance of the training day.
3. If club training is moved for whatever reason by the Head Coach (due to lack of snow or bad weather) then alternative arrangements will be made to train on snow at the Lecht or on dryland at the Aviemore Community Centre. This will be communicated via the club’s website, email and Facebook usually by Thursdays at 7pm, but occasionally later due to changes in the weather forecast. If persistant poor weather or snow conditions are expected on the prior Thursday then we will run dryland sessions closer to the central belt.
4. There will be no refunds for stormbound or no snow days, as an alternative programme of activities will be provided. This applies to both training and race days. Normally this Dryland activity will incur no extra cost, but there may be an occasional additional charge for rental of equipment such as cross-country skis or mountain bikes. There will be no additional charge for the rental of general sports facilities such as the Aviemore Community Centre.
5. In the event of prolonged lack of snow we may choose to cancel some weekend programmes. Where the number of cancelled weekends affects the ability of trainees to use all days in a 10 or 20 day package, then a pro-rata refund will be offered as in previous years. This will likely not be the full cost of each days training but as much as the programme can afford to break even.