Summer-Newsletter-(full)-1PRESIDENTS REPORT

Welcome to the latest edition of the new look Newsletter. It’s been a busy summer but gradually the days are getting shorter, the nights colder and plans are getting made for the next season. We will need to wait and see if last season was a one off in terms of snow coverage or can we expect the same again, if we do, could we have it without the wind please. I had hoped that the electronic format of the Newsletter would allow for more frequent editions but we need articles and pictures so please send anything that may be of interest to our members. One major milestone over the summer was the new website which gives a crisp fresh image of the club, check it out

There are a number of positions needing filled on the council, the most pressing being a Journal editor. If you are receiving this in print form and would like the full colour version please send your email address to the Membership Secretary.

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