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The Scottish Ski Club Bursary in partnership with Alpine Training Centre SCIO


Throughout our history, the support of young racers has been an integral part of the club’s activities and many of our members have achieved great success with the benefit of that support. It is not a coincidence that a significant proportion of the British national and Olympic ski teams over the last 50 years have been SSC members.

Due to the changing conditions and the expense of training, it is becoming increasingly difficult for our talented young skiers to finance their time on snow and, if this trend continues, it will inevitably lead to less racing activity and less success.

To help alleviate this, The Scottish Ski Club have launched a new bursary fund in partnership with the Alpine Training Centre SCIO (ATC). Donations to the fund are invited and can be made via our Just Giving page or by connecting the club President (details below).


The objective is to enable young, deserving club members to improve their racing skills through attending Race Training Camps in Europe.

Key Elements of the Programme

  • The initial fund-raising target is £25,000 over 3 years. This will fund 6 – 8 bursaries for each year of the programme.
  • Each bursary will fund 75-100% of the camp fee for an ATC training camp in the Alps or Norway.
  • The bursary can be used for any of the ATC camps, which are normally held in July/August, October, Christmas and Easter.
  • The bursary fund will be administered by ATC on behalf of the Scottish Ski Club.
  • Through the ATC charity, UK taxpayers will be able to add Gift Aid to their donations.

Selection Criteria

Candidates should satisfy the following criteria: 

  • Be in the Under 14 or Under 16 age groups at the time of the camp.
  • Be members of the Scottish Ski Club.
  • Be BASS registered and participants in the club’s race training programme.
  • Have proven success or have shown potential for development as a racer.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to their sport.
  • Demonstrated good behaviours in team and group environments.
  • Parental consent is required for both acceptance of the bursary and attendance at the camp.
  • Parents will be required to confirm that funding is in place for travel to and from the camp, uplift, insurance, personal equipment and clothing.
  • The child and their parents should be available for an interview with the selection panel.
  • Bursary holders will be expected to write a brief report for publication in the SSC Journal.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who would be unable to attend a camp without the benefit of financial assistance.

Applications and Selection

  • The application dates for bursaries for the 2021/2022 season will be announced on the SSC and ATC websites. Applications should be submitted using an online application form (downloadable from the Scottish Ski Club website at or ATC’s website at   
  • Applications should state the camps which the applicant would like to attend. Applications for more than one camp in a single year will be considered.
  • Any award of bursaries for subsequent camps will depend upon the athlete having demonstrated good attitude and performance, as well as the availability of funds.
  • Bursary awards will be determined by a selection panel comprising: one of the SSC race coaches or managers; a SSC committee member who is not currently involved in the race training programme; and a representative from ATC.
  • In the event that a selector has a conflict of interest, they will be required to declare this and will not take any part in the consideration of the applicant concerned. In the event of a conflict an alternate selector may be appointed.
  • The decisions of the selection panel will be announced but the reasons behind the selection of successful candidates will remain confidential.
  • The decisions of the selection panel will be final and are not open to challenge.

How to Donate

Donations can be made through Just Giving at Alternatively, they can be arranged through Moira Langmuir, Club President at

March 2021

2021 Recipients

Heather Ballantyne

Iona Ballantyne

Max Blyth

Archie Laing