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4 options are now available for your Scottish Ski Club Membership

  1. Download the 2021/2022 Membership pdf – complete the form and return the form to the membership secretary, David Leckie (see contacts for address).
  2. Download the Membership Direct Debit pdf – Note that the direct debit forms must be signed and sent by post. Scanned forms sent by email and printed will be rejected by your bank. Note that members will receive a discount if they opt to pay by direct debit. For membership price structure, Click Here.
  3. For Membership Renewals complete the online renewals form and pay by paypal – Click Here
  4. For New Members complete the online new members form and pay by paypal – Click Here

Further down the form’s you will see the Race Training options. PLEASE NOTE – a contact name is still required in the Membership section to book Race Training – thank you.

For clothing orders please go to Order Club Clothing

Guide for Online Membership


Each SECTION ie “Family Members Information” of the form has boxes for ONE ADDITIONAL MEMBER – if this box is completed ANOTHER BOX WILL BECOME VISIBLE

  1. Complete Section 1
  2. If more than one person complete Section 2 for additional family members
  3. Check your invoice in Section 5
  4. Press submit and pay by paypal