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History of Scottish Ski Club Trophies.

Compiled in 1997 by club archivist Jean Lyndesay-Bethune

SSC Trophies




Pitman Quaich– Open Slalom

Donated by J.S. (Peter) Pitman 1934.

Peter lived and worked as a banker in Perth.

The very first ski race on snow in Britain, and the first ski race which did not involve uphill skiing as part of the race.  Held 11th March 1934 on the Coronaich slope above the SSC hut on Ben Lawers. (Journal 1934 p295 photo p297)

The Pitman was run as an open slalom race and was on many occasions won by Norwegian skiers.

When the Scottish National race circuit was formed and run by the SSC the Pitman race formed the slalom part of the Scottish Alpine Championships – Championships first held in Glencoe.

In 1964 SNSC was formed (See Journal ’64 P.13) and in 1966 took over running the Scottish National races including the Pitman. The Pitman Quaich trophy has been on on loan to Snowsport Scotland ever since.

Now the Scottish Open Slalom Championship Cup (mens) .

McLean Trophy

Donated by W. Ross McLean QC., in 1960 when Ross McLean was President of the Club.

Ladies’ Trophy for first lady down the Pitman Quaich course. First awarded 1961. Sometimes referred to as “Ladies Trophy” (See Journals 1960/61 p64 & 1961/62 p66.

Now Scottish Open Slalom Championship (ladies) on loan to Snowsport Scotland.

The Baskaid Alvie

A solid silver fruit basket donated by the Williamson Family of Alvie for the first Scottish lady.  Now Ladies Scottish Native Slalom Championship trophy on loan to Snowsport Scotland. Repurposed in 2023 as the Convenors Canter – Over 60s 1st Lady.



The Scottish Kandahar Cup – Open Giant Slalom

Donated by the Kandahar Ski Club 1937. Given for a Downhill/Straight race to be run by the SSC.

Colin Fleming who was then SSC Race Convenor was very involved in discussions with Arnold Lunn on the potential of a Scottish Kandahar

First raced 4th April 1937 on Beinn Ghlas, Glenshee.

On receipt of the cup the SSC committee decided that the Kandahar should be run as an open race. (See Journal 1937 p65) Straight Race/Downhill subsequently changed to giant slalom. From 1966 SNSC have run this race as the giant slalom part of the Scottish national races.

On loan to Snowsport Scotland since 1965 and awarded to the Scottish Open Championship (Giant Slalom – men) .

The Lillywhite Cup

Donated by Messrs. Lillywhite on opening their new store in Princes Street Edinburgh. For first lady down the Kandahar race course.

The Open Challenge Trophy for ladies first awarded 1954. (See Journal 1954/55 page 65 & Journal 1957 p34)

Large straight sided 2 handle cup. “Lillywhite” inscribed diagonally on black plinth. Original winners inscribed on plinth.   Current list on back of cup/

Now The Scottish Ladies Open Championship Cup (Giant Slalom) on loan to Snowsport Scotland

The Mitchell Trophy

The Scottish Open Native Championship Trophy

Donated by Col. Sir. Harold Mitchell Bt. Skied for Britain 1929,1931 & 1933. President of the Club from 1931 to 1949 to be awarded for the best combined result from the Pitman and the Kandahar races .

First awarded 1937 (See Journal 1937 pl2)

In 1951,1953,and 1954 awarded to Norwegian racers. (See Journal ’49 p60)

On loan to Snowsport Scotland who now award the Mitchel Trophy to The Scottish Native Champion – men.

The Jamieson Cup

Scottish Open Ladies Native Championship trophy.

Given by David Jamieson a co-founder and owner of the Glenshee Ski Lift Company when his daughters were well known Scottish ski racers. Helen Jamieson was a member of the British Ladies Team.

A small cup

On loan to Snowsport Scotland awarded to the Scottish Native Lady Champion


Hird Trophy – Slalom.

In 1935 the Hird Trophy cup was presented to the Club by Mr. Norman Hird for a club members handicap  slalom. Competition from racers outside the Club in the Pitman Open Slalom was so strong that a slalom race for SSC members was required.

First Raced on 10th March 1935 Ben Lawers, Coronaich side of the col. from Higginbottom’ s Rock. (See 1935 Journal Page 71, photo p71)

For many years run on Ben Lawers as an informal handicap slalom race. Moved to Glenshee in 1958. Upgraded to in 1964/65 to senior slalom standard qualifying racers for much needed National Race Seed Points. Now the premier slalom race of the Club.

Present trophy is not the original cup. Original cup straight sided slightly V shaped. Present cup rounded communion shaped cup on wooden plinth with silver plaques for winners names – 1 missing. See Coronation Cup notes.

The Ladies Slalom Salver,( Kenneth Salver)

Presented by Mike Kenneth 1966 Affectionately nicknamed the Kenneth Salver which Mike does not like!

For the first SSC lady in the Hird Trophy (First listed see Journal 1966/77 p 63)

Mike Kenneth very enthusiastic about junior racing and helped in whichever way he could.  He himself often raced in Club events inspite of having only one arm. He was Journal editor for a decade during the 1970’s and took the most fabulous photographs . Mike died December 1996.

The Glenalmond Quaich

Presented in 1966 by James A.Bruce. (Jim and Muriel who lived in Dundee) Both Jim and his son were at Trinity College Glenalmond – hence the name. Their daughter Lindsay Bruce was an excellent racer and features in many races of that period. The family skied in the Glenalmond Team in the Tennant on many occasions.  Quaich in big wooden box.

For the first Junior in the Hird Trophy.

(First listed see Journal 1966/67 p62)



The SSC Conveners Challenge Relay Race 1951.

Trophy donated by Mr. Charles G.D. Tennant (Obituary 1992 P33) who instigated the race when he was Convener of Perth Section in 1950

First raced 18th March 1951 on Ben Gulabin, Glenshee with teams from SSC., Dundee Ski Club and Perth Ski Club. Dundee won.  Later extended to include all the SSC sections.  One of the most popular events of the season. Hotly contested and great fun.

Consisting of a dual slalom team relay race. The numbers and format of the teams have varied according to requirements over the years .

A most eccentric trophy being a highly ornate fruit epergne. Originally a trophy for coursing of hounds and won by Charlie’s great-grandfather in 1824. Was presented to the club at the AGM in 1950.

For an amusing historical history (See Journal 1951/52, Page 63 and summary Journal 1985 p52

Unfortunately due to lack of support this race ceased in 1979 possibly because it did not have a “home” any more.

Revived at Bellahouston as an artificial slope team dual slalom May 1991 and 1992. Bellahouston won both years. Not competed for since then.

1996 the Tennant Trophy race was again run most successfully by Lochaber Section as a team relay race on snow at Aonach Mor.


The Coronation Cup

Race inaugurated Coronation year 1952. Giant Slalom for members of SSC.

First raced 26th April 1953 on Meall a Bhuiridh.  Partly as a propaganda plug for the impending Club venture of building a ski tow there and to prove Philip Rankin’s belief that you could always hold a race on Meall a Bhuirish on the last Saturday in April !

The Cup itself has an interesting history: It is the original Hird Trophy Cup which was apparently lost. The insurance company duly replaced the cup with another cup which was then awarded for the Hird. In 1951/52 the pre war winner (Neil MacKenzie) who “lost” the Hird Trophy then fortuitously “found” it where he had put in his jeweller’s strong room for safe custody during the war! It was decided to re-cycle the re-discovered Hird Trophy as the new Coronation Cup. ..  (Journal 1953/43 p71 & Journal 1957 p34)

The Massacre of Glencoe

In 1954 the Coronation Cup race is written up under the awesome title of “The Massacre of Glencoe” (Journal 1954/55p71) Partly because this is the name of the official race course on Meall a Bhuiridh and partly due to snow conditions. “Massacre” was a descriptive name applied to the Coronation Cup, Kandahar 1962 and other races held there when race conditions were particularly difficult .

The Batchelors Trophy

For the fastest SSC lady down the Coronation Cup course Instigated by Philip Rankin and subscribed to in 1954 by a group of bachelor members of the Club consisting of: C.W.Blackwood, E .W.Cameron,   A.C.Crompton,   R.E.Cunninghame­ Graham, S.L.Drysdale, R.Findlay, H.G.M.Liddell, J.M.Lyle, J.E.MacEwan, J.G.B.McCallum, L.R.S.Mackenzie, K.McKenzie, I.A.McPhail, D.F.Ogilvie, G.H.Ogilvie, P.C.Paisley, J.Pollock-Morris, P.N.Rankin, I.D.D.Sillars, P.M.Shaw, J.A.P.Splitt.

A very beautiful cup specially designed with Scottish rampant lions framed within the handles. (Journal 1955 p41)

The Quaich Na Ogrich – The SSC Junior Racing Trophy

Presented in April 1956 for the first SSC junior boy in the Coronation Cup Race. “na Ogrich” means “children’s” in Gaelic. For first SSC junior under 18 years of age. Proper resident not just a holiday home ! (Journals 1956 p47,1957 p34/35)

Donated by Miss Lesley Thomson  (Mrs . Allan) a very gutsy person who was an excellent ski racer and member of the British Team until she had a very bad ski accident while training  in  Murren when  another skier skied into her breaking both her legs.   She never skied again. Skiing with Philip Rankin on Meall a Bhuiridh Lesley and Philip planted spotted where the first ski tow should be sited. They marked the line of the tow and dated the rocks with paint as they emerged as the snow melted. (Journal 1981 p4) The SSC Junior Downhill/Giant Slalom trophy.

The Vintage Tankard

Thought up in 1956 by the “broken down and neglected antiques” of the SSC for the over 40’s in the Coronation Cup Race. Idea attributed to Lewis Drysdale.  First awarded 1958 because there was no race in ’57 (See Journals 1957 p91 & 1956 p48)

Presently awarded for veteran man between the age of 40 and 50 in the Convener ‘s Canter.


Originally an invitation handicap race. Giant Slalom. Run after the Coronation Cup down all or part of that course. Ian Cairns invented a novel handicap system like a golf handicap.

First Prize – The Scottish Ski Club Salver or Sages Salver. A large oval slaver presented in 1968 by George and Jean Stewart when their son Alan was on the race circuit.

Designed to be run by SSC race trainees for anyone who had helped with races or training during the season. Part thank-you and “instruction” on how to run a race. Unfortunately this format proved impractical.

For a time it became the race for “Golden Oldies”. Subsequently in 1986 the race was amalgamated with the Strathspey and the Conveners Canter.

In 1986 the allocation was changed and the Sages Salver was awarded for ‘the most sporting performance by the oldest veteran’ in the Strathspey. It is now awarded similarly for combined result in the Strathspey/Conveners which are now run concurrently.


Strathspey Cup

The Club introduced the Strathspey race in 1960 (Journal 1960 p14)2 pole slalom for visitors. Open to non racers and racers . Initiated by the Club as an added attraction for visitors to Cairngorm.

The Strathspey Cup is inscribed “Presented by the SSC for the Annual Competition”.

First raced White lady, 3rd April 1960. (See Journal ’60/’61 p70 & photo 1993 p41) ).

Now awarded to the first male registered racer.

Cadbury Cup

Presented by Adrian Cadbury of Messrs. Cadbury 1960.

For first lady in Strathspey. See Journal ’60/61 p70 & 74.



Cup presented by Ian Cairns and his family for the first non-registered racer.

Instituted by Ian De Sales La Terriere 1967 when he was Race Convener – hence the name.

An easy Giant Slalom for not above 2nd class standard. Entry by invitation. (60th Anniversary Journal 1907-1964 p70 & 74)

Club racers/trainees organise and run this race. Parents and anyone else involved in helping with racing during the season invited to compete.  Race still organised by racers as often as possible.

Cup now presented to the first non-registered racer overall winner of combined result Strathspey and Conveners Canter.

The Highland Ski Club Trophy

Came from the amalgamation of the Highland Ski Club with the SSC in 1977 . The H.S.C was formed by Lord Lovat in 1947 for his famous Lovat Scouts. (Journal 1977 p8/9) The cup is inscribed: “Highland Ski Club, Ladies Cup. Presented to SSC 1977 designated the Jubilee Cup”. Awarded to the first lady over 40.

The Vintage Tankard

Started life as a Coronation Cup trophy in 1956. Thought up by the “broken down and neglected antiques” of the SSC for the over 40’s in the Coronation Cup Race. Lewis Drysdale’s idea. (See Journals 1957 p91,1956 p48)

Presently awarded for veteran man between the age of 40 and

50 in the Convener’s Canter.

NB The Vintage Tankard MUST be presented full and must be emptied by the winner in under the winner’s net time down the course!

Also NB it is the time taken to empty the tankard that is engraved on the Trophy!

The Drysdale Skier Trophy

Presented in memory of Lewis Drysdale by his sister in 1978 for the first Super Veteran – aged over 50 competing in the Coronation. Journal 1978 p63.  Now awarded to the veteran in the 50 to 60 age group.

Lewis a canny lawyer from Crieff was one of the greatest characters and most enthusiastic activist in the Club. He was Race Convener for 6 years, President for 6 years and was one of the main instigators of the formation of SNSC. Sadly killed in a car crash in 1978 (see obituary Journal 1978 p31).  Features frequently in the Journals of 50’s and 60’s

The Scottish Ski Club Salver/The Sages Salver

In 1986 the Super Coronation and the Conveners Canter were merged and subsequently these were again merged mainly due to lack of snow, with the strathspey. So that the Sages Salver was similarly transferred and is now awarded for the most sporting performance by the oldest veteran” in the strathspey/Conveners Canter. (ie the oldest veteran to finish)

A large oval slaver presented in 1968 by George and Jean Stewart when their son Alan was on the race circuit.

George Stewart was on the Management Committee from 1968 to 1975, President from 1971 to 1975. For several years he served on committees of the SNSC, FED and CGB. 1977 Chairman of the Alpine Race Committee.  1979 Chairman of the Olympic Appeal. Chairman of SNSC for many years up to 1994.


Presented to the Club in 1997 by Ian McPhail for first pensioner ie; over 60 for ladies, over 65 for men, in the Conveners Canter .   Birmingham silver bucket on plinth. Ian a member since about 1952. Served on committee early 50’s and participated in many Club.races . His two daughters race trained with the Club.

The Brookside Trophies

A real joke name taken from a TV soap for a fun prize most generously given annually by Dot and Bruce Mickel for the SLOWEST man over 40 and the SLOWEST lady over 40. Super hip flasks given to the winners outright. Started 1991 when Dot was Race Convener.


Dual slalom race and trophy  instigated by Hans Kuwall  in conjunction with the SSC race committee. (Journal 1975 p65) First run 25th Jan. 1976 Cairngorm.

Hillender Trophyfor the outright winner awarded 1994.

Steading Cupfor 1st lady.  The cup was given by Grieg and Evelyn  Dunbar who owned the Steading Pub situated at the bottom of the Hillend access road and/or a group of parents who frequented the pub while their kids were race training.

The cup was repurposed in 2023 as the SSC East Coast – U10/12 1st Lady

Paterson Challenge Trophyfor 1st Junior

A wine cooler given by the Alpbach Visitors Club in 1977 instigated by Dinny Paterson and her husband who lived in Alpbach. Originally to be competed for by clubs at the British Junior Championships. (See Journal 1877 p7)

Now awarded to 1st Junior in Hillender.

C.J.Brown Hansport Tankard for the first veteran.

Initiated 1975 as the Veteran Tankard. Replaced in 1977 when Colin Brown of Hans Sport a keen artificial slope and grass skier donated the present trophy.

Ladies Veteran Trophy first listed Journal 1975 p65 Can’t find any subsequent trace of this trophy.


A three cornered team race.

Presented in 1963 by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Watson , Secretary of South of Scotland Ski Club for competition between teams from South of Scotland s.c. and the Stirling Section of SSC.

Later extended to include Glasgow Section in 1967. Raced in Glencoe in conjunction with South Scot.

(Journal 1962/63 p47)

PS Do not confuse with Watson Cup on loan to SNSC for junior under 13.

1996 Given to the Lochaber Section for races at Aonach Mor.


This Trophy was bought by the SSC to be competed for in a team relay race on the plastic slope at the Scottish Ski Show untill it’s closure.   First raced 1988, won by the SSC team.

1996 nominated the Decathlon Cup for the winning team.


Races first recorded in 1975 for junior members of the SSC. (see Journal 1975 p65)

Bairns Trophy.

For overall winner.

The Allison Ouaich for first girl

A pewter quaich donated by Dr Mary Allison in 1984

Donated to the Club just after the Bairns races started poss 84/85 or 88 Emma Carrick-anderson won it first. No record of it has completely disappeared Mary wants it found.

Bairns Team Trophy


After the war Norwegian racers came to race in the Pitman and the Kandahar and won these events on several occasions . (Journal 1957 p32) From 1957 until 1865 special race meetings were held in Norway, and in Scotland.

SSC/Norwegian Trophies were:

Scottish Norwegian Society Cup presented 1950 for ski jump Edinburgh (Journal 1950 & 1957 p91)

North Sea Trophy presented in 1960 for four best times in the Pitman for a team of 6 of which 2 are ladies . Competed for until 1965.

SSC Quaich presented 1962 p62 “Winners of Combined races result SSC v Skikrets in Norway and Scotland”.

Leda Trophy presented by Bergen Line Shipping for GS & Slalom team result of a ski meet in Solfonn 1964 p81


First appears  in 1968 at Glenshee an  informal merit race like the ‘Star ‘system awarded by Ski Schools .

This was a short lived experiment to try and popularise the award of 1,2,& 3 Thistle badges . Also may have been extended in some way together with SNSC Junior Test star awards sponsored by Coca Cola.  Alick Sherrif involved in this.


Given to Lochaber Ski Club by Nevisport in 1986. Inscribed on reverse “Lochaber Ski Club Advanced Senior 17 and over”. Competed for annually at Aonach Mor. 1996 awarded to first veteran over 60 in Lochaber race.


The Aitchison Quaich

Presented by Mrs. Irvin Aitchison in memory of her husband. First awarded 1967 (60th Anniversary Journal 1967 p13) for the SSC Combined Championship. Winner combined result Hird and Coronation results. (See 1968 Journal p48)

First won by a lady now awarded to the first male.

The SSC Ladies cup – The Legget cup

Presented by Wilma Legget when her husband Robin was treasurer of the Club. First mentioned Journal 1972 p5 & 1973 p37 .

Originally  awarded  to the Club Lady  Champion  for  the combined   results  Hird  and Coronation..

Now allocated to first Scottish Ski Club lady in the Hird Trophy.   Must be a club member

The Ski Championship Ladies 2nd

Small  cup  5″ high  presented  in  1976 with  the  above inscription.

First winner Hazel Hutcheon.

Occasionally has been awarded as 2nd prize Coronation

The cup was repurposed in 2023 as the SSC East Coast – U14/U16 1st Lady

The Silver Tankard of the Scottish Ski Club.

For achievement in competition abroad

Presented by Netta Aitchison first recorded 1975.

Not silver but pewter by 1996 has become very fragile and all space for names used up.

1997 original  pewter  tankard  replaced  with  the  “SSC A.J .Biggar Memorial Trophy”. A large pewter tankard with lid. Nobody knows the origin of this tankard and it has never been awarded previously.

The Craig Mhor Trophy

Presented by Hartley Hotels alias John Hilton in 1968, For the first Junior in the Club Combined Championships Junior combined Hird and Coronation results.

John owned and ran the Craigmohr then the Mains Hotel at Newtonmore hosted and many a SSC event . John died 1980 obituary Journal 1980 p9

Voralberg Cup

originally won by an SSC group/team of members who took part in a race while skiing in the Alps. Presented by Dr. Bill Ayles . Large cup inscribed “Juniore Meiserschaft 1931”

For best boy under 13. First awarded 1974 (See Journal ’74 p67)

The Ros Hepworth Memorial Trophy– Rose bowl.

Subscribed for in her memory  1978 by friends in the Club. Journal 1978 p 37. Ros was almost a skiing legend.  One of our great British international  racers, not only SSC but DHO, Kandahar etc. Hon. member of the Club very keen on encouraging junior girl racers.  Obituary Journal 1977 p37 Awarded to  the  most  improved skier or meritorious performance by a girl.

The Christopher Guest Quaich.

Presented by Alastair and Anne Guest 1990 in memory of their son Christopher a member of the Scottish Team and SSC trainee who died suddenly while out in the Alps ski training. (see Journal 1990 p44)

Awarded to the most improved skier or meritorious performance by a boy.

Silver Lion Trophy a shield.

Presented by Tom Lawson on retiring as Race Convener prior to moving to Australia. Area Championship for teams of 3 from any section combined Hird/Coronation (Journal 1972 p5)


Recognition of SSC Races

In 1946 the Ski Club of Great Britain, at that time the authority on national races recognised the SSC national races listed above as qualifying races for selection to the British Teams (Journal 1957 p32) Subsequently recognised as seed point qualifying races.  (Journals 1949 p60, 1957 p32, 1964 p13)

Formation of SNSC

December 1963 in Stirling a majority of ski clubs in Scotland agreed the formation of the Scottish National Ski Council. (See Journals 1964 P13, 1964/65 p12, 15) Formal constitution agreed 11th March 1964. Lewis Drysdale. President, First Race Calendar listing the national races run by SNSC: see 1966 Journal P87. The above SSC Open Trophies loaned to SNSC 1965 (Journal 1967/68 p74 )


  • Journal 1947 p60
  • Journal 1956 p47 “Pots and Thistles”.
  • Journal 1957 p29 to p91 “Fifty Flags” a History of Haste by Lewis Drysdale.
  • Journal 1967 p74 “SSC Races” by Ian La Terriere


The Scottish Junior Championships were inaugurated by the SSC in 1956 p47 and the first Championship was held on Meall a Bhuiridh 1959/60 p67 consisting of a downhill and slalom race for juniors under 18 years. SSC ran the championships from 1957 until early 1970’s.

History of SSC Junior Open trophies on loan to SNSC:

Bairns Bucket

Donated by Mr. and Mrs. M.R.M.Watson (Bill and Pam then of Helensburgh later of Ardlamont House, Argyll) . Bill Watson great character and very long standing member of the Club. Raced in the first Pitman etc. Features frequently in the old Journals. (Journals 1956 p47,1957 p35, 1958 p72, 1959 p69)

Giant Slalom for first junior under 13 years of age in the SCOTTISH Junior Championships .

First awarded 12/13th April 1958 Meall a Bhuiridh. See Journal 1958 p72.

Lassies Cup

Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Watson who had a “lassie” competing at the time.  in 1971 – check date.

For the first girl under 13 in the Scottish Junior Championships .

Swanston Cups

Donated by Dr. John Swanston,

2 Cups one for For the Best Scottish Boy in the Junior Championships and one for the Best Girl.

(See Journal 1971 p46 – list of Junior champs Prize winners.

Forsyth Cup

First appears in Scottish Junior Championships of 1963 See Journal 1964 p 76. Donated by John Forsyth for R.W.Forsyth Ltd. an Edinburgh department store when he was Race Convener for the winner of the Scottish Junior Champs downhill race.  John was a keen SSC racer

Allison Quaich

Given by Dr.Mary Allison for the best Non Scot any sex. in the Bairns . Bucket. President of the Club 1987/1988. Wrote Mary Allison’s diary for the Journal for many years .

The Watson Cup

For the best runner up to 13 years of age in the Junior championships . presented by Mrs Florence Watson 1957 p35

The Baldernoch Ski Trophy

Presented  by  Mr.  and  Mrs.  L.R.N.MacKenzie   (Lawrence  and Peggy)in 1963

For first Scottish Girl Giant Slalom (Children 11)

Now on loan to SNSC and now awarded as an Open trophy. Donated  to the Club at the time their daughter Kate was racing and training with the Club as a junior.

The Black Corries Cup.

The first cup for junior racers – allcomers.  The forerunner of the Bairns Bucket and the Scottish Junior Championships Donated by Mrs. Lindy Pearson an enthusiastic SSC Glencoe skier and supporter. She and her husband Jock lived at Black Corries House in the middle of Rannoch Moor behind Kingshouse Hotel.

First raced 28th April  1956 down the Flypaper on Meall  a Bhuridh, Glencoe.   (Journal 1956 page 47 & Journal 1956 p73 ‘Pots and Thistles ‘)

Now The Open Scottish Junior Ski Champion for Children 11 combined results on Loan to SNSC.

The above information is accurate to the best of my ability. If anyone can give me further information on any of the trophies or races please do so.

Jean Lindesay-Bethune. 1995.


Kandahar Cup – The Scottish Open Championship ( Giant Slalom)

The Lillywhite Cup – The Ladies Scottish Open Giant Slalom Champion

The Jamieson Cup – The Ladies Scottish Native Giant Slalom Championship.

The Pitman Quaich Scottish Open Slalom Championship.

 The McLean Trophy The Ladies Open Slalom Championships  

The Baskaid Alvie The Ladies Scottish Native Slalom Championships .

The Mitchell Trophy – The Scottish Combined Champion ..


Bairns Bucket – Giant Slalom for first junior under 13 years of age in the British Junior Championships .

Lassies Cup– For the first girl under 13 in the Scottish Junior Championships .

Swanston Cup   – 2 Cups one for For the Best Scottish Boy in the Junior Championships and one for the Best Girl.

Forsyth Cup – for the winner of the Scottish Junior Champs downhill race.

Allison Quaich for the best Non Scot any sex. in the Bairns Bucket.

The Watson Cup– For the best runner up to 13 years of age in the Junior championships.

The Baldernoch Ski Trophy– For Scottish Girl Open Giant Slalom (Children 11)